Welcome to Gotta Run...!

Crazy? Insane? Unbalanced? Yeah, I've been called all those things, all because I consider it fun to run. And run and run and run. It's OK, because I used to consider runners insane as well—until I became one.

My name is JoAnna Kai Cobb. I'm the school counselor at Bedford Middle School, and I play music some weekens. My hobbies include spending time with my family, singing, doing math puzzles, quilting, geocaching, and running.

Running makes me feel fit, happy, and healthy. It even makes the pain from my Crohn's disease disappear! Sometimes I wonder how I got along before I was a runner.

This web site has two purposes. First, it serves as an informational site for family, friends, or others who are interested in my running or in running in general. Second, it serves as a good organizational source and scrapbook for me.

Please use the link bar above to navigate the site. I hope that you enjoy your time here, and that you join me on the road someday!

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