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Jo's Geocaching Stats
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Profile for JoAnna Kai
Current Weather And Forecast
View the current weather and a three-day forecast for six of my favorite places (only four of which I have visited).

Funny Clock
A long time ago, I found a fun Java code for a clock. It's hard to describe, so just click in and have 10 seconds of fun. (Requires Internet Explorer.)

JoAnna Through The Years
Visit my school pictures from Preschool through Grade 12, and witness the dramatic changes. Also included is my own commentary. Geo Sketches
In my classroom, I use a program called Geometers' Sketchpad. Open this page to view some cool interactive sketches! (Link opens a new window and requires Java.) Slideshows
Enjoy pictures, videos, and sound clips from many events since 2005! (Link opens a new window.)

Mailing List
Join the mailing list! This link opens instructions to do so. (Link opens a new window.)

Running Pictures
All my running pics can be found at my running web site, "Gotta Run...". (Link opens a new window.)

The Snake Game
A computer we had in the late 80s had this game and I was crazy about it. Now you can play Snake right here on Sssselect your level and sssstart movin'. (Link opens a pop-up window and requires Internet Explorer.)

Wedding Slideshows, June & July 2006
Ed and Jo are married! This link opens paths to five different slideshows celebrating the wedding, honeymoon, and reception. (Link opens a new window.)

Fun Stuff Outside
Please email Jo if any of these links are broken.

20 Questions
This is a fun, yet kind of freaky, game. The computer does a pretty good job of reading your mind. I'd say it's correctly guessed my animal, vegetable, or mineral about 75% of the time.

500 Festival Mini Marathon
This is the web site of my favorite annual race, the biggest half-marathon in the nation.

Airtime Studios
I recorded my first CD at this studio. Check 'em out!

Am I Right?
Remember, before the Internet, when you had to figure out song lyrics on your own? You might have misheard the first lyrics of "Centerfold" as, "Does she walk? Does she talk? Does she cough or bleat?" Well, someone did. See other funny misheard lyrics here.

An Amazing Ad
This three-minute ad was shot 605 times; each time something minor didn't work and the entire contraption would have to be reset. On the 606th take, it worked! The ad cost six million dollars and took three months to complete, including full engineering of the sequence. Check it out!
Books, DVDs, music, coffee pots... you name it, it's here. Wish List For Jo
Looking for a gift... for me? Get some ideas here! (Pretty shameless, huh?)

American Idol
My favorite reality show has a great online site. Visit it for games, info, and pictures!

Sensational galaxies, better than music. I mean, this is an excellent site about anagrams. Download "Anagram Artist" today!

Astronomy Picture Of The Day
APOD features a new astronomy related picture and description every day. Also included is an archive that dates back to June 1995.

Babel Fish Translation
Say what? Let the Fish figure it out when it's all Greek to you.

Bedford Middle School
Visit the web page of my school, BMS. (I designed the site!)

Bedford Middle School Athletics
Here you can find all the schedules and stats you desire about Cutter athletes.

Bedford Online
All the happenings in Bedford can be found here.

Bedford Public Library
Borrow a book from the Bedford Public Library!

Bedford-North Lawrence High School
What's going on at BNL? This site has school, club, and athletic information for the good ol' Stars. 'Sgo, Stars, 'Sgo!

Birthday Calculator
People often find it strange that I know how many days old I am. If you think that's strange, you're gonna go crazy over this site.

Bits And Pieces
I have a thing for jigsaw puzzles and brain puzzles, and Bits And Pieces has both. I'm especially a fan of their yearly mystery puzzles.

Do you like classical music? Do you like a techno beat? Then you'll like Bond, which wraps both into one.

Calendar Zone
"My uprights are midnights, my levels God's law, my corners dark moonlight, my spaces fill all." Find the answer to the riddle at this web site. Literally every calendar made can be found here.

Good shoes reside here.

Card Trick Central
Baffle and amaze your friends with these astounding sleight-of-hand and simply logical card tricks.

Care Bear Webring
Your favorite fuzzy-wuzzies are all over the Internet, and this ring keeps them in touch. Visit one of the sites today for a good Care Bear Stare!

Care Bears Care-A-Lot
Here is the official Care Bear web site! Sign up for a Care Bears newsletter! Send a Care Bear e-card! Download some Care Bear files! Buy something for me!

Care Bears Forever
This is one of my personal favorite Care Bears sites. The Care Bears-challenged can get a lesson on the basics, while the old pros can enjoy the extras.

Caribbean Cove
Indiana's only indoor water park is a blast!

Carnaval De Quebec
A fabulous time is waiting for you at the winter carnival in Quebec City, Canada. After studying the Carnaval in French class in high school, my teacher took my class here one day in February 1997. Good times!

Carve Your Own Pumpkin
Remember carving your own pumpkin when you were a kid? Now you can carve with a mouse instead of a knife, and the mess is reduced too!

Carve Your Own Pumpkin — For Real
Check out these cool patterns you can use to carve a real "flesh and blood" (seed and goop?) pumpkin.

Chicagoland Skydiving Center
In Hinckley, Illinois, CSC is the location of my inaugural skydiving adventure. Visit them to schedule the flight of your life!

Children's Museum
Visit this fun Indianapolis playground where my friend Claire is lucky enough to work.

Chris Bliss Video
This guy is A. Maze. Ing. Amazing. Make sure your speakers are on for this spectacular display of talent. You won't be disappointed.

CIA - The World Factbook
You know anything with "CIA" in front of it means business. This site has literally every bit of information about every country. It was very helpful during the fall semester of my junior year at IU when I was taking Human Geography.

Columbus Free Methodist Church
Visit the ministry home of my friends, Lane and Gretchen.

Conceptis Puzzles
Have some time to kill? Try one of these fun puzzles!

Coquina Beach at Anna Maria Island
If you're looking for tons of perfect seashells, visit Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island in Florida. My trip here in February 2005 was nothing short of spectacular!

Corydon Jamboree
Check out Indiana's historic former state capital, and go watch a country show while you're there! I enjoy performing at this venue, where you come as a stranger and leave as family!

Countdown Clocks
How many days until Independence Day? Your birthday? The day you get your license? There's a countdown clock here for these events and more. My personal favorite is the "Choose Your Own" edition with changeable faces.

Crohn's & Me
This site has some excellent information about Crohn's disease. Additionally, there are video clips of folks affects by Crohn's in some way—patients, spouses, health care professionals, etc. Check it out!

Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America
This is the organization through which I raised $2,455 to support Crohn's research in the spring of 2005. It's also the organization which receives funds from the Croonin' for Crohn's concerts my husband and I host. CCFA is devoted to Crohn's and colitis education, legslation, and research. Go there and get some GOT GUTS bracelets today!

Crohn's Disease Support Group
Here, you'll find a forum for Crohnies like me.

Custom Road Sign
With the way photos can be edited, you almost can't believe anything you see anymore! This web site allows you to make a very real-looking custom road sign. There are also links for a custom wedding sign, a custom motel sign, a custom receipt maker, etc.

Dead or Alive?
Do you ever have trouble remembering what celebrities from the past have passed? Wonder no more. This site has all the eternal answers.
My friend Debbie is a very talented artist. She uses her talents to beautify people's homes with her faux, mural, and trompe l'oeil techniques. See how she can make your home gorgeous! (I designed her site!)

Dell Magazines
No, not the computers, the magazines. Buy a subscription to a magazine that will fill your brain with logic rather than gossip. (Who am I kidding? I'm a big People fan.) My favorite are the Math & Logic puzzles, obviously.

The Dialectizer
Fry mah hide! For a seriously good time, visit the dialectizer, enter my what's up site's address ( and translate it to "Redneck." FUNNY! Fry mah hide!

Domino Frenzy
Check out this fun and addictive domino game with a Christmas theme.

Draw Toy
Make a drawing using lines, patterns, and animated figures; then watch its kaleidoscopic beauty!

Driftwood at Hollywood Beach
Welcome to tropical paradise! Nothing beats the friendly atmosphere at Driftwood on the Ocean in Hollywood, Florida. Mom and I spent a few days here in December 2003 and had a fabulous time!

Dynamic Drive DHTML
The "D" in DHTML stands for Dynamic. This site has excellent scripts to spice up your web site, and they all ultilize the latest in DHTML and JavaScript technology.

Earth View
This site takes pictures from satellites and merges them into a flat image of earth. The picture has usually been created within the day.

What time is it? eBay time! I'm an on-and-off eBay junkie, and I'm always amazed at how eBay can connect people. I once sold an old, 16-page cross stitch book for $46, and Dad both bought and sold a tractor here. Is that as amazing to you as it is to me?

eBay About Me
eBay allows its members (minimal) web space for an "About Me" page. Here's mine.

Elite Tours, Inc.
Lawrence County, Indiana is known as the "Limestone Capital Of The World." Elite Tours offers one-day excursions to a variety of places, mainly showcasing the limestone industry for which the area is famous. (I designed the site!)

This addictive little game will first fascinate you, then annoy you!

Face Transformer
What will you look like when you're old? Find out here. Seriously.

Add me on Facebook! It has reconnected me with tons of friends from the past. You have to "be my friend" to see my profile, so set up a Facebook account and add me!

Do you miss your Independence Day fireworks? Well, they're back!

Flash Mind Reader
Can you figure out the math behind this "mind reading" web site?

Flower Clock
I've always wanted to build one of these, but can't find the space. Build one, and live my dream.

Flower Garden
No time for the Flower Clock? Make a virtual Flower Garden!

Forever Gold
This is the web site for the band of which I am a member. Check out and book us to sing at your event! (I designed the site!)

Can't find that perfect gift? You're bound to get ideas here. Take your friend's favorite photo and make it art!
My web guestbooks have given me hours of enjoyment. Get yours here.

Answer trivia questions to donate food to puppies!
Want to spend time with friends, enjoy the outdoors, and participate in some adventure? Geocaching is for you! Give it a try! (See my stats at the top of this page.)

Geometer's Sketchpad
I use this dynamic geometery computer program in my classroom. It's tons of fun; but most of all, it helps kids (and adults) understand the spatial side of Math.

Glitter Graphics
Pretty little glittery pictures can be found at Glitter Graphics.

Google is my research savior. Want info on something (or someone)? Google it (or them)!

Google Zeitgeist
Who's getting Googled this week? Whose Google rating is declining? Best be hopping over to the Zeitgeist (German for "Spirit of the Time"), to find out.

Half Moon Limestone
Find a special limestone keepsake from Lawrence County! (I designed the site!)

Harold Hutchins Show
Gonna be in Kentucky on a Friday night? Don't miss this show!

Harry Potter
If you can't get enough of Harry Potter, chances are you've already been here.

Stuff for cross stichin', crochetin', latch hookin', and' can be found at Herrschners.

Hoops & Yoyo
No cartoons are funnier than these silly guys. Check out their "Birthday Singers" card, featuring "Polka Birthday." La-la-la-la-la-la-la!

HTML Goodies
Want to create your own web site? Start here by learning the language of HTML.

Hudson's Photography
When it comes to Senior pictures, family portraits, and headshots, Kevin Hudson is the man to see!

Indiana University
The most beautiful campus in the world is in Bloomington, Indiana! This university is where I received my undergraduate degree in Education.
Do you hunger for Indiana golf? Satisfy your appetite here.

Indianapolis Indians
Do you enjoy baseball? Then head over to the Indy Indians web site. Victory Field is a great park. I've sung the National Anthem at a few Indians games, and I always have a good time!

Best. Workout. EVER.

Internet Movie Database
Gosh, what's his name? Wasn't he in...? Use this site to help you connect your favorite actors and actresses with their movies.

IU Swing Club
I used to be part of this hip little group. This site has information about swing dancing and how you too can learn to swing dance the night away.

Jackson Pollock Stress Reliever
Just drag your mouse around the page and feel your stress melt away! Click the mouse to change your paint color.

Jason Wilber
Jason is John Prine's lead guitarist and Ed's former guitar teacher. He's played on Grammy-nominated and Grammy-winning albums.
Do you love the little sparks that fly from your mouse every time you click on one of my pages? I found that script at this web site. Many more scripts await your perusal!

I'm a supporter of our nation's president, but every time cartoon John Kerry says, "You can't say nuclear; that really scares me," I lose it. I'm lovin' the political funnies at JibJab.

If you're lovin' Sudoku, you'll really love Jigsawdoku!

As a puzzle lover, I'm a fan of this jigsaw site. Put together virtual puzzles using piece-shapes of your choice!

John Prine Shrine
I got interested in John Prine's music in 2005 when I saw him in concert in Louisville. This man knows how to write a song, and he sings one of my favorites, "Long Monday."

Kaleidoscope Painter
Use the geometric properties of reflection as you make a lovely design!

Kings Island
I have good childhood, teen, and adult memories of this Ohio amusement park. The Beastie was the bomb when I was four, and now I've graduated to the Beast, my all-time favorite coaster.

Know Your States
This activity involves more Geography than Math, but you'll need spatial skills to help you in this game.

How Lakeside can afford to sell these cute things at the prices they do, I will never know; but this financially-strapped teacher appreciates the bargains!

Larry The Animal Guy
Larry The Animal Guy visited Bedford Middle School in 2009, and it was one of my all-time favorite assemblies. Check out his web site!

Lawrence County's Junior Miss
I participated in this program in 1996-97 and am now one of its board of directors. Our program delivers thousands of dollars in scholarships to deserving senior girls in Lawrence County.

Let's Go
This program, Lawrence County Exercising Together — Serious Group Outings, is what helped me train for the 2007-2011 Indy Mini Marathons.

Let's Go Message Board
Find out what my Let's Go teammates and I are talking about!

Limelight Photography
My sister-in-law Stephenie owns this photography business, located in Indy. She'll travel to you, though!

The Little Nashville Express
This band is one of the best around! Formerly the house band at the Little Nashville Opry before it was destroyed by fire, the Express band continues to perform. Check out their site to catch one of their gigs.

Little Theatre Of Bedford
LTB is a great outlet for the artistic in Southern Indiana. I've acted in 16 plays and musicals here since 1993 and have enjoyed my time here tremendously. (I designed the site!)

Lowen & Navarro
I've seen these two in concert in Valparaiso and Indianapolis. With the perfect blend of voices, their lyrics and guitar skills are both wonderful and unique.

Mackinac Island
This beautiful place in Northern Michigan is the site of one of my favorite movies, Somewhere In Time. I will travel there someday. Oh yes, I will.

Mag 7 Race Series
"Mag 7" stands for the seven magnificent counties that make up this racing series. Pick a race to run or walk, and earn points to win prizes!
This site is a lifesaver. You can find and/or map runs in your area, then use them in a training log. It even gives an elevation profile for each map! Check it out!—Jo's Profile
This is my profile on It shows all the runs I've chosen to make public, which are mostly local and regional race routes.

I'm an excellent navigator, but not without my MapQuest!

Marathon Guide
Wanna runna marathon? Find one that will fit your date and location needs!

Marshmallow Peeps
One of Easter's traditions is lovin' the Peeps! I'm a Cadbury's girl myself, but those Peeps sure are cuties. (I have a little stuffed one.) This site lets you celebrate Peep-dom all the year long.
Help with homework and math tricks and hints are found here, where the hot topics are decimals, fractions, and integers.
My friend Michelle is a gifted writer and speaker. Visit her web site to learn more about her, her books, and her presentations. (I designed her site!)

Why weren't there toys like this when I was a kid? These fun little toys are learning tools, too.

Miss America
Everyone's favorite former-Atlantic City event with a five-inch heel. The top provider in women's scholarships has a fairly comprehensive web site with a good history section.

Miss Galaxy
Hosted annually by Earth, this pageant has divisions in Teen, Miss, and Mrs. I've competed in Indiana's state competition in Evansville and it was a good time. Galaxy claims to be the fastest growing international system, and probably is.

Miss Indiana America
Here is the web home of Miss Indiana America. I never made it to state competition in the Miss America Organization, but I had fun in local competition.

Miss Indiana USA
What good times I've had at this pageant! Click here for info on the current Miss Indiana and pictures of former contestants. There's also a link to the Teen site here.

Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA
The Donald has three blockbuster pageants a year, and all of them start from the same web page. Get info on winners and contestants here.

There's nothing funnier than a talking monkey, especially when he'll say whatever you type! It's even funnier to send a talking monkey to your friends!

Mrs. Indiana
This site is the home of one of Indiana's pageants for married women.

Mutts Comics
Earl and Moochie provide me with daily cuteness in the newspaper. They and their friends are the creations of Patrick McDonnell. Visit this web site for some fun "shtuff."

Myrtle Beach
I've spent many happy days in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in the years 1983, 1994, 2000, and 2006. The favorite playground of the golfers and beachcombers, Myrtle Beach has something for everyone. (It's also where I got married!)

MySpace by Jo
Check out my MySpace page! It has reconnected me with tons of friends from the past. You have to "be my friend" to see my profile, so set up a MySpace account and add me!

Myxer Tones
Got a cell phone that needs some cool ringtones? Make ringtones of your own MP3s here—for FREE!

NASA Eclipses
When will the next eclipse be? Where will it be observable? Answers to these questions and more can be found here.

The Nine Eight Planets
This comprehensive site has pictures and information about the nine eight planets in our solar system and their satellites.

North Lawrence Community Schools
My employer's web site is chockfull of information about the several schools it envelops. The most important information, however, is the little banner that announces whether school is closed "due to inclement weather."

The Oldies
Mike and Dec's morning show is the way to wake up! Visit this site to learn about their show.

Olivet Nazarene University
In Bourbonnais, Illinois, ONU is the university through which I studied for my Masters via distance education.

Otis Park
I grew up on this golf course watching my Dad play, now I spend time watching my husband and stepsons play. (I don't play at all, but I make a great gallery and can easily find lost Titleists!) Otis is one of the best Indiana golf courses.

Pageant Lovers' Page
This fun site is dedicated to celebrating the Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss Teen USA pageants. It has coverage of current pageants as well as detailed histories of the old ones!

Pageantry Magazine
This magazine gave me a free subscription as a prize for an award I won at Indiana Galaxy. It's a fun read, because there's always someone I know in it.

Penguin Place
This sort-of-odd store is one of my favorites. From plush to figurines to jewelry to clothes, you can find it in "penguin" here.
Check out author Pete DiPrimio's web site to buy some of his books or read some of his stories! (I designed the site!)

Pun of the Day
This is the spot to get a laugh (or a groan) a day.
Get your own web domain, and/or see if the one you'd like to have is taken.

Resources For Web Design
Do you dabble in web design? This site has several links to design sites in lots of categories including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl, amd more!

Rhymes aren't the only thing you'll find at RhymeZone. Here, there are quizzes, quotations, games, and works by Shakespeare and Mother Goose. You can even find the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bible!

Ross Country Jamboree
If you're ever in Scottsburg, be sure to stop by the Ross Country Jamboree to hear some good country music singin'!

Scale of the Universe
This fun link allows you to tour the sizes of objects—very small, very large, and in between—using powers of 10.

Scottie Tales
This site features Boone and Kenzie, two Scottie pooches. It's a really cute site that chronicles their travels.

Located in Seymour, Indiana, Shadowood used to annually host the IHSAA Boys' Golf Regional of which the BNL Golf team is usually part.

The Singing Station
This site is a vocalist's dream. It is a warehouse for download-able backing tracks that don't sound karaoke-ish. A fellow singer turned me on to this site, and it has been most helpful in expanding my repertoire.

Site Meter
Track who visits your web site! To get all the info on your site's visitors' locations and viewing habits, Site Meter is the place!

The Slip-Up Archive
Everyone knows of a mistake made in a movie or TV show. This site catches all the accidental shots of microphones and other tiny (or not so tiny), mistakes on the big and little screens.

State Quarters
Don't deny it: you always feel a little bad when you have to spend a state quarter. I'm a hoarder of them, too. Learn all about each one that's been released here!

The Straight Dope
...fighting ignorance since 1973. (It's taken longer than we thought.) Cecil Adams is a funny man.

String Spin
Draw a line and check out its three-dimensional properties! This site is mesmerizing for math-minded people like me.

Sunrise/Sunset Calendar
Make a Bedford sunrise/sunset (and moonrise/moonset), calendar for any month and year! Actually, you can make such a calendar for anywhere in the USA!

Survey Monkey
This site markets a web survey program. You can go for the free version, or upgrade to the $20-a-month pro version. I use the pro version once a year for a lesson on graphing data.

Swift Heart's Rabbit Hole
Calling all Care Bear lovers! This message board is home to fans of the fuzzy wuzzies. Join and chat with your Care Bear loving friends!

Team Hoyt
Visit the site of the inspirational duo that were part of the motivation behind my desire to start running!

This Day In Music
What song was No. 1 on the day you were born? The day you got married? The day was launched (July 28, 2005)? Visit this site to learn the American and British answers to these questions and more (if your date is on or after 1952).

I could stare at this clock for hours! (The color of the clock changes each time you view the page.)

The Times-Mail
There's always a good story in Bedford's daily newspaper!

Hey, former BJH classmates: remember the character pillows in Mrs. B.'s Home Ec. class? Here's where she got them! I made the apple with the worm in it that year.

This site is simply a travelers delight. Sign up for the Top 20 Newsletter to get really AMAZING deals. Through this site, I've stayed at upscale hotels for less than $100 a night and have seen roundtrip flights from Louisville to Florida for only $32!

Do you appreciate the beauty of a triangle? I bet not as much as the guy who wrote this site. I will admit to being a fan of the Euler line, though.

Turn For The Judges
This site will link you to info on any well known Teen, Miss, Mrs., or Multi pageants. It's full of links so you can find a pageant close to you.

The Twelve Days Of Christmas
Enjoy Christmas year-round with this festive musical greeting.

UC and Crohn's
Teens get ulcerative colitis and Crohn's too. This site is designed specifically for adolescents with Crohn's and colitis. However, it helps me a lot too.

Ultimate Flash Face
Build a face!

University of Evansville
Visit the web site of the university which Sam attends and at which he plays golf!

University of Evansville Athletics - Golf
Visit the athletic web site of the university which Sam attends and at which he plays golf!

USA Track & Field — America's Running Routes
Find (or create) a running route in your town!

USGS Earthquake
Was that an earthquake? Click here to find out, then help the US Geological Survey by explaining what you observed.

I spend far too much money at this online store. Venus is THE best place for inexpensive fashion. All styles are great for pageantry competition and/or everyday wear.

Virginia Beach
If you're planning a trip to the boardwalk of Virginia Beach, Virginia, don't miss this site! I traveled here in April 2002 with Mom.
Visit Indiana! This site has a great leaf cam in the Fall.

Weather For You
What's the forecast for the week? What time will the sun rise on Saturday? Weather For You answers all your burning weather related questions.

Awwwwwww! These guys are cute! Buy yourself a Webkinz at Hallmark for $10, then have fun bein' a kid on this site! (Click the "Take a Tour" button to see what it's all about!)

What is Crohn's Disease?
Confused about Crohn's? Get set straight here.

What's Special About This Number?
Every number is special! Here, you can find something special about most numbers from 0 to 9,999. Some of the features are easy to understand, but some are mind-boggling!

Yearbook Yourself
Three cheers for old school! Arm yourself with a photo, then enjoy watching yourself walk through yearbooks from 1950 to 2000.